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What a week (and it’s only just begun)

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Gaz arrived on Saturday, over two and a half hours late. We had to leave the house because of the construction, but being out for so long has wrecked my feet something awful. Hubby ended up having to go on his own to pick him up because I just couldn’t walk anymore. We did go to the Luxembourg Museum of National History and Art, which was very interesting, even if the art section wasn’t exactly my cuppa. I’m not much for abstract stuff, though the portraiture was ok. (still not my style, but I’m picky LOL)

My glasses went missing yesterday, so I had to use my sunglasses. It was very awkward, cuz we lost most of the day looking for them, so couldn’t stay out for very long (can’t drive in the dark wearing sunglasses, for obvious reasons…). *sighs* I think hubby thought we were just being lazy until he came and tried to look for them himself and couldn’t find them. In the end, I got contact lenses, which I can see better out of than the glasses, so I guess it works out.

Poor Fifi is sick – I think she got hubby’s cold. She’s been clingy and whiny for the past couple of days since Gaz got home, mostly to him. LOL Poor kid. I don’t think he anticipated his school half-term break would be spent looking after his baby sister, but he has stepped up, so I’m really proud of him.

Still having nightmares and it’s stupid. I used to be able to link it to my parents calling me, but now… I just don’t know anymore. There doesn’t seem to be any theme to them, just that they’re incredibly vivid and often freaky and terrifying. đŸ˜¦ It’s making it very difficult to get to sleep, and that’s without my normal insomnia. I wish I knew how to make it stop, but even sleeping pills don’t help, and I am not keen on going down that route if I can help it anyway.



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