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I know we just did this, but…

We’re moving yet again. Tomorrow in fact. Cue a lot of scrambling around and ‘what about this?’ going on. At least G is here so he can help. Fifi is walking now and getting into everything so we have to make sure to keep and even sharper eye on her. She got into my markers the other day (the good ‘pro’ ones) and decided to colour herself. At least that’s better than colouring the walls or floor, but… *pulls hair out*

I can hear the asking why we’re moving yet again. Because it’s a lot easier for us as a whole – G got into the hospitality college he applied for, and it’s halfway between that college and M’s work, and because even tho M pays into the health insurance, they will really only cover us there. So we had to move. (plus M found out the hard way just how awful it is to be stuck here, unable to go anywhere when he got snowed in TWICE. No, I still do NOT have my car back and I am beyond pissed about it…)

We found a lovely bungalow with about 15 acres of land (vegetables and flowers and fruit, here we come hehehe), after a lot of looking. The owner(s) seem very reasonable and nice, letting us use most of the furniture and we can do whatever we want with the gardens. *so can’t wait*

So yeah, it’s all been rather hurried in that we only just found out the date was moved up from last week to tomorrow, but anyway. Sooner the better, from my point of view. M can get his guys to move the rest of the stuff next week when he’s got the actual time off. đŸ˜€