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I can’t believe Gareth is almost 18 already. It seems like hardly no time at all that he was a little teeny thing, and now he towers over me and is going to college at the end of Sept. It’s all settled and we finally have the details confirmed and have met his teachers. He’s really excited to start already and he hasn’t even finished 6th Form yet! But with Fifi at home now, things aren’t as quiet as they would normally have been LOL She’s getting into everything (as usual), but she also helps to put things right when she makes a mess, which is a huge help to me.

We got the sewing machine that belonged to our landlords’ mother out yesterday. It’s from the 60s (wow!) and obviously hasn’t been touched since then LOL There’s a scrap of fabric in it like someone was testing it out and then put it back and never used it again. It’s horribly dusty and dirty though, and will need a major cleaning before I can use it. It does look a lot nicer than my sewing machine, age aside. *jealous* M is going to clean it for me. Eventually….

Once this migraine clears up, I’m going to try this awesome tutorial on making a quick and easy bag. I’m going to try and make one for Fifi first before I make one for me. She’s taken to dragging around our massive shopping bags, but gets frustrated cuz they’re easily as big (if not bigger) as she is, and get caught on things, making her fall over. (*dead* she’s walking around with a vegetable basket on her head as I write this ROFLMAO wat r u doin’ bb?)

Other than that, we haven’t been doing much other than trying to get the house sorted out and the rest of our stuff moved so we can get rid of the house in Belgium. Hopefully won’t take too much longer.

BB WAT R U DOIN’? LOL (still walking around with basket on her head *dying of lolz* I love my kids. They are so weird…)


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