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Two posts in one day. Imagine that concept…


Sitting here with a DIY face mask on and feeling really stupid right now. (Mainly cuz of the face mask LOL) It’s made with avocado, Greek yoghurt, and honey to hydrate my face because it’s so dry it’s not even funny. I do hope it works cuz I’m tired of having flaky skin already. (If it works, I’ll try it on my arms too and maybe it’ll help the eczema/psoriasis…)

I made Fifi’s bag and she loved it. Kept putting her soothers, random bits of paper, and fabric offcuts in it and dragging it around with her. 😀 She is hysterical. She’s discovered apples and was eating one earlier. (a whole apple, not cut up or puréed.) It was funny, cuz it’s so big and she’s so tiny… And yes, I got photos. 😀 Both the bag and her + apple. Just not sure how to put them on here, cuz the pics are on my phone.

I might try making a bag for me now. With the owl-patterned fabric I bought for making Fifi a tote bag. (though now she’s got the little bag, I think that’s good enough, right?) Yeah, I’m trying to justify it to myself *sheepish smile* I can always buy more fabric when I get paid next, though I have to go to Arlon for it, since that’s the ONLY fabric shop I can find anywhere around here. *grumbles* The lady who works there is lovely though, and is going to try and find someone who will teach me how to sew. How cool is that? 😀 The fabrics are fab too.

Should update my beauty WP site, but… *sighs* Yes, I need to stop being lazy. I even have recipes typed out I can paste, I just… idek. I will do it eventually. I promise. Just not today.


2 thoughts on “Two posts in one day. Imagine that concept…

  1. I love trying out and writing about DIY natural beauty products you can make at home. This is why I love your blog! Haha I can’t wait to try to mask out myself. I will definitely want to share this article on my own blog.

    • Ah, thanks. *doesn’t really know what to say* (but thanks :D) I’ll be posting my recipes at my beauty blog – edition beauté, if you want to follow that one? Not quite sure when I will have the time to post them, but yeah, that’s where they’ll mainly be. 😀 For the mask, I used 350g Greek yoghurt, half an avocado, and 2 tablespoons of honey. What you don’t use on your face, you can eat afterwards! How cool is that? A healthy snack and a great face mask, all in one. 😀 Good luck. I hope it works for you too.

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