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*sighs* So much for that idea…


The sewing machine works awesomely… except for the part where the foot pedal shorted out and smelled up my room with the scent of burning plastic. *sighs* So I have to get a new one or something. Just where am I going to find a presser foot for a sewing machine from 1979? And one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. *bangs head on table* I was almost done my owl bag too. (It shorted while doing the corners…)

It’s a mess anyway. That’s what happens when I don’t know what I’m doing, but I tried… At least that’s what counts, right? It does mean all my sewing projects will have to go on the back burner yet again. *sadface* 😥

(not the presser foot *facepalms* the foot pedal. I really should just go to bed, shouldn’t I? orz)


3 thoughts on “*sighs* So much for that idea…

  1. Ah you made an owl bag! Great! Upload it sometime when it is finished 😊😊

    • I will. I have to fix the ribbon ties. I did it wrong and it’s borked, so I have to pull it out and start again. At least I know what to do now , but I could have done with knowing it sooner. *sheepish* I made Fifi a little felt stuffed cloud today. It’s… well, she likes it and that’s what counts lol (trying to get her to sleep and she’s being difficult. @.@)

  2. Try a Google Search of your make and model. The makers should have a spares shop or link you to your nearest dealer who should have spares. 😀 ❤

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