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Missing you


I’m sitting here at 3am, watching downloads of a web series, and crying my eyes out. The series itself is actually quite funny, but with a serious undertone.

I miss them. So much it hurts. That’s why I am crying. I want them to come back, even though I know it’s not possible in this life. I haven’t cried like this in a long time, so maybe it’s long overdue, but I still miss them so much. Even more knowing they’ll never know Fifi and how much happiness she brings to us despite everything. They would have loved her, I know it.

I love and miss you. T.T


4 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. The past three nights I’ve also had those 3am crying moments 💟💐💞
    I’m happy that Fifi brings so much joy. 😊😊

    • It really sucks. It doesn’t hit me often, but for some reason, the show (one of the characters’ grandpa, who he was close to, died and he can’t get over it. it affects how he treats everyone else…) just brought it out.

      She was waited for, so long, and very much wanted, even if she was a total surprise (just like her brother, really LOL). And she’s such a happy kid, even with her health issues, and very determined and independent. I foresee a lot of trouble with her LOL It’ll be fun along the way tho.

  2. You are so optimistic and encouraging, I’m really happy I met you on here. I learn a lot from you 💟💚

    • *hugs* This made me smile, thanks. (I have a horrid migraine right now, but…) I dunno about the optimistic part, but I do try to encourage everyone where I can. Unless of course they wanna do something I disagree with, but.. y’know what I mean, right? hehehe ❤

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