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I got 2 packages today. My order from Aroma-Zone (wow, so fast! *.*) and some treats from my friend Anya, who lives in Australia. I want to unpack my stuff, but can’t with the baby here. *sighs* She’s already tried to get into it and I had to fob her off with the packing paper. She sure does love her colourings. 😀

Not a happy bunny in other ways, tho – it’s 33°C and I’m melting into a puddle. (I had to go out this morning to get my package from Anya (aka Jin-chan LOL long story…) and it was already 30°C at 10am!) The poor baby is not happy either and doesn’t want to do anything but get into stuff and drink her juice all day. I found one of my uchiwa in my atelier room downstairs, so I brought that up, but she hates it, so ALL THE AIR FOR ME! *grins* I am hoping that my air conditioner is in the garage at Nittel since the boys are going there after work to get everything back from there. (except the cars. *sighs* another long story…) I also hope that my other kimono fabric is in the stuff he’s bringing back or I will cry. 😦

The poor choccies Anya sent got melted, so they’re in the fridge. She also sent something called ‘Tim Tams’ which I understand from hubby are a biscuit/cookie type thing that is famous there. I put them in the fridge too. >.>;

So now all I have to wait for is the kimono fabric order from the weekend, and that will be here within the month (I hope). It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to play with it.


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