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I got my package from Aroma-Zone the other day. It came early (considering I wasn’t expecting it until Friday, so props to them for delivering it before the holiday yesterday. đŸ˜€ ) I love the stuff I ordered, and will be getting more as soon as I get paid.

So, what did I order, I hear you ask? hehehe I bought: a litre of neutral cleansing base, a tensioactif (not sure what the term is in English, so you get the French. >.>), a couple of sample sizes of vegetable oils and butters (can’t wait to try these out, tbqh), a couple of fragrance oils, bisabolol, micellular additive (anti-aging/anti-wrinkle stuff), and other stuff I can’t quite remember, though the box is right here beside me. *grins*

I’m going through all my things to see what I can use to make a shampoo to help my scalp psoriasis go away. (but the math I have to do is killing me. help *whimpers*) I’ll let y’all know how it goes once I’ve done it. Not sure how much I’ll get to do today, cuz I’m trying to keep the baby away from all the stuff. *le sigh*

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