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It just occured to me that I haven’t posted here in ages. I didn’t realise just how long it’s been… *shocked* A lot has changed in the last 4 months and change.

We lost Bill (M’s uncle) unexpectedly, right after New Year’s. M had to go back to the UK to help sort some things out to do with that, and… *sighs* It caused a lot of chaos that had a ripple effect that has only just been, well… I won’t call it sorted, but for all intents and purposes, we’ll leave it at that. (basically to do with the gits at his former place of employment and the harrassment that was going on, which he sued to be released from his contract and was granted. They really had no choice because it was either that or have their VERY dirty laundry out for everyone to see in court.)

Both our health has taken turns for the worse, but hopefully soon will improve. Our docs have a handle on it (theoretically LOL Whether WE do or not remains to be seen *coughs*) so hopefully we can let them do whatever they need to do. Fifi needs an update on her medication (more of her thyroid stuff), as well as her immunisations up to date, and Gareth needs to have a checkup before he goes for his internship placement, wherever that is. -.-; He still needs to get on that, too.

As M is now ‘unemployed’, he has decided to push forward with his business plans, and we have both been working hard, doing the networking thing (him more so than me, tho) and attending meetings, seminars, and that sort of thing. (tho as usual, panic attacks and social anxiety still suck, hard) He’s working on getting funding from various sources and putting together events and now I have to do a presentation (WUT…). I am… not sure about this, but he said he’d help me with it. Can you tell I’ve never done this before? LOL



Fin de l’année/End of the year

My New Year’s survival kit:

2 boxes of Oreo cookies (one choco, one regular)

1 packet digestive biscuits

1 packet of chips (plain cuz I’m boring like that LOL)

half a box of KSF jasmine tea. (would have had more but Fifi keeps drinking them on me. *grumbles*)


What I’m doing this New Year’s? Not sleeping, for a change. I’m prolly going to work on editing what we have so far of HDv.5, edit the side stories to HDv.5, and maybe work on the plotbunny from Nu’est ‘Hello’ MV. (Seventeen’s meanie couple ftw…) If that still doesn’t get me thru New Year’s, I’ll go back to working on The Genesis Boy and see if I can get that back on track. (Don’t you just hate it when stories don’t do what they’re supposed to? LOL) I have several other things to edit and post, but… meh. (Sanctuary, Last Man Standing… amongst others…)

I also have a few other random things to do, but kind of putting them off. Not like I can do anything with them until Monday anyway, so… *shrugs*



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Good grief

I’ve been trying for a week now to regain access to my photobucket account. It seems either someone’s taken it over (without deleting my photos), or they’ve allowed someone else to register the same name, which is causing issues. I just had to send a photo to ‘prove’ I am the owner of the account in question. I know the other person has photos all over the place and she is not me, so idek… I am getting more and more frustrated as time goes on. Are they even looking at the right account, even tho I gave them all the details? I’m starting to wonder.

(mainly cuz I wasn’t aware there were still any photos of me ON that account. I HATE having photos taken of me for any reason. To have to do this, and being certain they’re still not going to give me my photos back… *bangs head on desk* What upsets me the most is because of my hard drives both going down, I don’t have any of my photos anymore. Except on that photobucket account. So someone else can have access to 20 years of my life’s work, but I can’t, just because I can’t remember my details? (we move too much) That is just not fair. *wants to cry*)

ETA: I sent them the stupid picture they wanted (mah ugleh mug) and they gave me my account back! *shock* I downloaded most of what I needed and will delete stuff I don’t need anymore, even tho I’m well under the limit. And move stuff around cuz ppl are still hotlinking my shit. *pissed off over that yet again*