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I am just so done with life.




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Flailing all over the place…

I got 2 packages today. My order from Aroma-Zone (wow, so fast! *.*) and some treats from my friend Anya, who lives in Australia. I want to unpack my stuff, but can’t with the baby here. *sighs* She’s already tried to get into it and I had to fob her off with the packing paper. She sure does love her colourings. 😀

Not a happy bunny in other ways, tho – it’s 33°C and I’m melting into a puddle. (I had to go out this morning to get my package from Anya (aka Jin-chan LOL long story…) and it was already 30°C at 10am!) The poor baby is not happy either and doesn’t want to do anything but get into stuff and drink her juice all day. I found one of my uchiwa in my atelier room downstairs, so I brought that up, but she hates it, so ALL THE AIR FOR ME! *grins* I am hoping that my air conditioner is in the garage at Nittel since the boys are going there after work to get everything back from there. (except the cars. *sighs* another long story…) I also hope that my other kimono fabric is in the stuff he’s bringing back or I will cry. 😦

The poor choccies Anya sent got melted, so they’re in the fridge. She also sent something called ‘Tim Tams’ which I understand from hubby are a biscuit/cookie type thing that is famous there. I put them in the fridge too. >.>;

So now all I have to wait for is the kimono fabric order from the weekend, and that will be here within the month (I hope). It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to play with it.


Two posts in one day. Imagine that concept…

Sitting here with a DIY face mask on and feeling really stupid right now. (Mainly cuz of the face mask LOL) It’s made with avocado, Greek yoghurt, and honey to hydrate my face because it’s so dry it’s not even funny. I do hope it works cuz I’m tired of having flaky skin already. (If it works, I’ll try it on my arms too and maybe it’ll help the eczema/psoriasis…)

I made Fifi’s bag and she loved it. Kept putting her soothers, random bits of paper, and fabric offcuts in it and dragging it around with her. 😀 She is hysterical. She’s discovered apples and was eating one earlier. (a whole apple, not cut up or puréed.) It was funny, cuz it’s so big and she’s so tiny… And yes, I got photos. 😀 Both the bag and her + apple. Just not sure how to put them on here, cuz the pics are on my phone.

I might try making a bag for me now. With the owl-patterned fabric I bought for making Fifi a tote bag. (though now she’s got the little bag, I think that’s good enough, right?) Yeah, I’m trying to justify it to myself *sheepish smile* I can always buy more fabric when I get paid next, though I have to go to Arlon for it, since that’s the ONLY fabric shop I can find anywhere around here. *grumbles* The lady who works there is lovely though, and is going to try and find someone who will teach me how to sew. How cool is that? 😀 The fabrics are fab too.

Should update my beauty WP site, but… *sighs* Yes, I need to stop being lazy. I even have recipes typed out I can paste, I just… idek. I will do it eventually. I promise. Just not today.

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Insert snappy post title here. Or not. LOL *lame*

I can’t believe Gareth is almost 18 already. It seems like hardly no time at all that he was a little teeny thing, and now he towers over me and is going to college at the end of Sept. It’s all settled and we finally have the details confirmed and have met his teachers. He’s really excited to start already and he hasn’t even finished 6th Form yet! But with Fifi at home now, things aren’t as quiet as they would normally have been LOL She’s getting into everything (as usual), but she also helps to put things right when she makes a mess, which is a huge help to me.

We got the sewing machine that belonged to our landlords’ mother out yesterday. It’s from the 60s (wow!) and obviously hasn’t been touched since then LOL There’s a scrap of fabric in it like someone was testing it out and then put it back and never used it again. It’s horribly dusty and dirty though, and will need a major cleaning before I can use it. It does look a lot nicer than my sewing machine, age aside. *jealous* M is going to clean it for me. Eventually….

Once this migraine clears up, I’m going to try this awesome tutorial on making a quick and easy bag. I’m going to try and make one for Fifi first before I make one for me. She’s taken to dragging around our massive shopping bags, but gets frustrated cuz they’re easily as big (if not bigger) as she is, and get caught on things, making her fall over. (*dead* she’s walking around with a vegetable basket on her head as I write this ROFLMAO wat r u doin’ bb?)

Other than that, we haven’t been doing much other than trying to get the house sorted out and the rest of our stuff moved so we can get rid of the house in Belgium. Hopefully won’t take too much longer.

BB WAT R U DOIN’? LOL (still walking around with basket on her head *dying of lolz* I love my kids. They are so weird…)

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I know we just did this, but…

We’re moving yet again. Tomorrow in fact. Cue a lot of scrambling around and ‘what about this?’ going on. At least G is here so he can help. Fifi is walking now and getting into everything so we have to make sure to keep and even sharper eye on her. She got into my markers the other day (the good ‘pro’ ones) and decided to colour herself. At least that’s better than colouring the walls or floor, but… *pulls hair out*

I can hear the asking why we’re moving yet again. Because it’s a lot easier for us as a whole – G got into the hospitality college he applied for, and it’s halfway between that college and M’s work, and because even tho M pays into the health insurance, they will really only cover us there. So we had to move. (plus M found out the hard way just how awful it is to be stuck here, unable to go anywhere when he got snowed in TWICE. No, I still do NOT have my car back and I am beyond pissed about it…)

We found a lovely bungalow with about 15 acres of land (vegetables and flowers and fruit, here we come hehehe), after a lot of looking. The owner(s) seem very reasonable and nice, letting us use most of the furniture and we can do whatever we want with the gardens. *so can’t wait*

So yeah, it’s all been rather hurried in that we only just found out the date was moved up from last week to tomorrow, but anyway. Sooner the better, from my point of view. M can get his guys to move the rest of the stuff next week when he’s got the actual time off. 😀

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Moving. Again.


So we gave our notice at the beginning of July. Big mistake in not leaving first and then giving notice, but as usual, Matt doesn’t listen to me. *grumbles* Anyway, we now have a move-in date, one month from today (yay) and I seriously just can’t wait to get out of here. When the previous tenant warned us that our landlord would go all weird when we gave our notice, we should have listened, because now we’re going to have to get a lawyer involved. The constant harrassment, blaming us for something he knew was wrong before that we were not responsible for, arguing about any and everything… He said he would get his lawyer involved, but it seems that if he did, they either told him to leave us alone until we left, or was told to piss off cuz he doesn’t have any case against us, because he suddenly is now avoiding us, even tho we still need some things sorted out and dealt with. (like rent, the damned floor, etc.)

But anyway, the new landlord is doing everything aboveboard, nothing dodgy about this guy, and the current tenants give him a glowing reference to us (tho they kind of have to so we’ll take the place LOL) and he did seem really nice. The only downside (if you can even count it as one) is that he doesn’t speak any English, but I had no trouble understanding him, nor did hubby, and he could easily understand our French, so there you go. We’re moving to a village in Belgium, just over the Luxembourg border, which is handy for Matt’s work. (20 minutes away with traffic. Bonus, that.) He’s registering us as renting from him with the local commune (council) and we just have to go in to register ourselves as and whenever. Quite a change from here, can tell ya that.

Matt is getting someone to come and move everything for us, and he said one of them even does the cleaning after they’ve moved all our stuff, so that will do just nicely. Less stress on us both. He’s also getting a car from work, tho when, we’re not quite sure. He needs it cuz his car is just getting worn out and despite many attempts at repairing it, it doesn’t make any difference. So that’ll be handy for him too.

Gaz has been helping out a lot over his summer break, tho he doesn’t actually want to go back to school in Sept. He doesn’t really have much choice – it’s his last year, and we’re not pressuring him to go to uni if he doesn’t want to. (His grandparents a completely different story, but that’s them…) He’ll be able to come home and start up his business straight from school then, having the qualifications he needs. Or even work at any of the fancy restos anywhere in the area if he really wants to.

Fifi is growing like a weed, as usual. Just had to get her a load of new clothes and she’s now in the 18M size, even tho she’s not even a year old yet. I’m gonna be the shortest in my family (and I’m not even that short!), I know it. *pouts* She got some new shoes too, cuz I’m tired of her wearing scrubbies (aka casual stuff like jammies and whatever) and having to wear her sunday shoes with them. She’s almost worn those out too, come to think of it. But anyway. For a baby, she’s awfully opinionated on what she wants to wear LOL She picked out almost all the outfits herself. (she has expensive taste *woe*)

Tired again so going to lay down/sleep. Can’t wait to get out of here and have a proper house with permission to have as many pets as we want, even. (we’re getting a dog! *flails* we want a rabbit too but no garden for the poor thing, so…) No stupid restrictions, or harrassment, or anything like that. \o/!