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I just found a box stuffed full of ribbon spools. I don’t remember ever having them (or this many LOL) but here they are. Some of them are gorgeous too. I am going to have a play with them soon. *grins* This is gonna be fuuuu~~n. 😀

I also found a shiny ‘cassette’ bag for Fifi to play with, but she’s still asleep with her big brother. *sighs* Too damned hot to do anything else, really. I am not fond of this 35°C weather, so can it pls stop? >.<


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Flailing all over the place…

I got 2 packages today. My order from Aroma-Zone (wow, so fast! *.*) and some treats from my friend Anya, who lives in Australia. I want to unpack my stuff, but can’t with the baby here. *sighs* She’s already tried to get into it and I had to fob her off with the packing paper. She sure does love her colourings. 😀

Not a happy bunny in other ways, tho – it’s 33°C and I’m melting into a puddle. (I had to go out this morning to get my package from Anya (aka Jin-chan LOL long story…) and it was already 30°C at 10am!) The poor baby is not happy either and doesn’t want to do anything but get into stuff and drink her juice all day. I found one of my uchiwa in my atelier room downstairs, so I brought that up, but she hates it, so ALL THE AIR FOR ME! *grins* I am hoping that my air conditioner is in the garage at Nittel since the boys are going there after work to get everything back from there. (except the cars. *sighs* another long story…) I also hope that my other kimono fabric is in the stuff he’s bringing back or I will cry. 😦

The poor choccies Anya sent got melted, so they’re in the fridge. She also sent something called ‘Tim Tams’ which I understand from hubby are a biscuit/cookie type thing that is famous there. I put them in the fridge too. >.>;

So now all I have to wait for is the kimono fabric order from the weekend, and that will be here within the month (I hope). It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to play with it.


Fat Quarter Baby Bonnet

I followed a tutorial to make a fat quarter baby bonnet and for once, I actually a. finished something, and b. it didn’t suck too badly. *grins* I used the wrong size of ribbon for the back, but I can easily take it out and redo it, so I’m going to, as soon as Fifi takes it off and lets me do it. This is one of the only times she’s kept things on her head without ripping them off 5 minutes later, so I count that as a bonus. She wouldn’t let me take a photo of her wearing it tho, so I’ll have to get one without later.

But still, first finished project done completely on the sewing machine. Yay! (I’ll edit when I have a photo to post hehehe)


Missing you

I’m sitting here at 3am, watching downloads of a web series, and crying my eyes out. The series itself is actually quite funny, but with a serious undertone.

I miss them. So much it hurts. That’s why I am crying. I want them to come back, even though I know it’s not possible in this life. I haven’t cried like this in a long time, so maybe it’s long overdue, but I still miss them so much. Even more knowing they’ll never know Fifi and how much happiness she brings to us despite everything. They would have loved her, I know it.

I love and miss you. T.T


Latest projects – photos.


Fifi’s bunny pillow. She likes it a lot (dragging it everywhere today) so I will just leave it how it is. The arms and legs are little tags so she can carry it with her fingers or do whatever. (she seems to like chewing on them, but I wouldn’t recommend it with this fabric LOL)


Her ‘cloud’. (LOL) It was supposed to be a flower, but as you can see… *shrugs ruefully* I has no flower cutting skillz. ;D


Her bag, open. I made this entirely by hand and it was a pain in the ass. So glad to have a working sewing machine now…

Sorry, I don’t seem to have a photo of my owl bag, even tho I’m sure I took one. I’ll do it soon…

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What’s new?

We went into the city today (hubby’s day off) and went to the dealership for the sewing machine foot pedal. But… the replacement was just a bit too much for me right now. I’ll take the old one in and see what they can do when I have some time. Just not right now.

But in light of that, we went to Auchan and I got a brand spankin’ new (tho basic) sewing machine. It was a bit of a pain to thread the bobbin, but everything else was pretty straightforward. I am having a problem with the top threads snapping every time I finish something, but I’m sure I will work it out. So far I have 2 legs completed of my project (a bunny tag pillow for Fifi), but that’s an accomplishment for me. LOL (hey, I’m easy to please when it comes to this sort of thing, as a n00b.) Now I just gotta do the rest of it.

And remember to put the legs/arms/ears on the right way around this time before I sew everything up. *sighs*

Thank goodness for coffee spoons. (at least I think that’s what it is? I don’t drink the stuff, so idek… I had to use it to turn the legs right side out…) Now back to my project, I guess. Will post pics (possibly tomorrow) as soon as it’s done. (along with my fail of an owl bag)

ETA: It’s done. Took a bit of doing to figure everything out, but it’s done. 😀 And it doesn’t look too bad, either. It still needs a face, but that will come. Or not, depending on if Fifi wants it to have one. 😛