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It just occured to me that I haven’t posted here in ages. I didn’t realise just how long it’s been… *shocked* A lot has changed in the last 4 months and change.

We lost Bill (M’s uncle) unexpectedly, right after New Year’s. M had to go back to the UK to help sort some things out to do with that, and… *sighs* It caused a lot of chaos that had a ripple effect that has only just been, well… I won’t call it sorted, but for all intents and purposes, we’ll leave it at that. (basically to do with the gits at his former place of employment and the harrassment that was going on, which he sued to be released from his contract and was granted. They really had no choice because it was either that or have their VERY dirty laundry out for everyone to see in court.)

Both our health has taken turns for the worse, but hopefully soon will improve. Our docs have a handle on it (theoretically LOL Whether WE do or not remains to be seen *coughs*) so hopefully we can let them do whatever they need to do. Fifi needs an update on her medication (more of her thyroid stuff), as well as her immunisations up to date, and Gareth needs to have a checkup before he goes for his internship placement, wherever that is. -.-; He still needs to get on that, too.

As M is now ‘unemployed’, he has decided to push forward with his business plans, and we have both been working hard, doing the networking thing (him more so than me, tho) and attending meetings, seminars, and that sort of thing. (tho as usual, panic attacks and social anxiety still suck, hard) He’s working on getting funding from various sources and putting together events and now I have to do a presentation (WUT…). I am… not sure about this, but he said he’d help me with it. Can you tell I’ve never done this before? LOL



Missing you

I’m sitting here at 3am, watching downloads of a web series, and crying my eyes out. The series itself is actually quite funny, but with a serious undertone.

I miss them. So much it hurts. That’s why I am crying. I want them to come back, even though I know it’s not possible in this life. I haven’t cried like this in a long time, so maybe it’s long overdue, but I still miss them so much. Even more knowing they’ll never know Fifi and how much happiness she brings to us despite everything. They would have loved her, I know it.

I love and miss you. T.T

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Insert snappy post title here. Or not. LOL *lame*

I can’t believe Gareth is almost 18 already. It seems like hardly no time at all that he was a little teeny thing, and now he towers over me and is going to college at the end of Sept. It’s all settled and we finally have the details confirmed and have met his teachers. He’s really excited to start already and he hasn’t even finished 6th Form yet! But with Fifi at home now, things aren’t as quiet as they would normally have been LOL She’s getting into everything (as usual), but she also helps to put things right when she makes a mess, which is a huge help to me.

We got the sewing machine that belonged to our landlords’ mother out yesterday. It’s from the 60s (wow!) and obviously hasn’t been touched since then LOL There’s a scrap of fabric in it like someone was testing it out and then put it back and never used it again. It’s horribly dusty and dirty though, and will need a major cleaning before I can use it. It does look a lot nicer than my sewing machine, age aside. *jealous* M is going to clean it for me. Eventually….

Once this migraine clears up, I’m going to try this awesome tutorial on making a quick and easy bag. I’m going to try and make one for Fifi first before I make one for me. She’s taken to dragging around our massive shopping bags, but gets frustrated cuz they’re easily as big (if not bigger) as she is, and get caught on things, making her fall over. (*dead* she’s walking around with a vegetable basket on her head as I write this ROFLMAO wat r u doin’ bb?)

Other than that, we haven’t been doing much other than trying to get the house sorted out and the rest of our stuff moved so we can get rid of the house in Belgium. Hopefully won’t take too much longer.

BB WAT R U DOIN’? LOL (still walking around with basket on her head *dying of lolz* I love my kids. They are so weird…)

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What a week (and it’s only just begun)

Gaz arrived on Saturday, over two and a half hours late. We had to leave the house because of the construction, but being out for so long has wrecked my feet something awful. Hubby ended up having to go on his own to pick him up because I just couldn’t walk anymore. We did go to the Luxembourg Museum of National History and Art, which was very interesting, even if the art section wasn’t exactly my cuppa. I’m not much for abstract stuff, though the portraiture was ok. (still not my style, but I’m picky LOL)

My glasses went missing yesterday, so I had to use my sunglasses. It was very awkward, cuz we lost most of the day looking for them, so couldn’t stay out for very long (can’t drive in the dark wearing sunglasses, for obvious reasons…). *sighs* I think hubby thought we were just being lazy until he came and tried to look for them himself and couldn’t find them. In the end, I got contact lenses, which I can see better out of than the glasses, so I guess it works out.

Poor Fifi is sick – I think she got hubby’s cold. She’s been clingy and whiny for the past couple of days since Gaz got home, mostly to him. LOL Poor kid. I don’t think he anticipated his school half-term break would be spent looking after his baby sister, but he has stepped up, so I’m really proud of him.

Still having nightmares and it’s stupid. I used to be able to link it to my parents calling me, but now… I just don’t know anymore. There doesn’t seem to be any theme to them, just that they’re incredibly vivid and often freaky and terrifying. đŸ˜¦ It’s making it very difficult to get to sleep, and that’s without my normal insomnia. I wish I knew how to make it stop, but even sleeping pills don’t help, and I am not keen on going down that route if I can help it anyway.


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So tired

I knew having another baby would be exhausting, but I’d forgotten just how exhausting they can be. S is totally different from G as well, which isn’t helping. She’s so much more active than her brother ever was (still is LOL) and it’s a lot of work to keep up with her.

I love her to bits tho, and miss G tons. Can’t wait for him to come back from school for mid-term break. He’ll only be here a week, but oh well. Then Easter… I don’t know if he’ll be coming home for summer break tho; he was saying something about getting a summer job so he could get experience or whatever. We’ll have to see how it goes, what’s available that is suitable for him etc.