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Things I’ve learned so far

I’ve been soaking up knowledge from videos and tutorials. I’ve even made a few projects (yay). This is what I’ve learned so far.

Sewing for kids is easier than for adults, but at the same time, a little more complicated too. Especially for bigger/fancier projects.

The only way to really learn is by doing it. Going on to the sewing machine and just getting on with it. Sure, I’ve made mistakes (and really embarrassing ones), but I am learning. And starting to get somewhere with actual quality projects. Some are better than others, of course, but that’s how you learn.

Sewing is not as complicated as people make it out to be. Once you know the basics and WHY something works the way it does, then it is easy to figure out the rest of it and come up with a good project from start to finish.

My next project is to start making these kawaii (cute) bows I learned how to make (wayyyy too) early this morning. ;D

After I get my daughter to stop trying to whap the fly that’s buzzing around and sticking the flyswatter in her toy truck. LOL (she is so cute and weird, I love it…)


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YT sewing videos are a total time suck…

I have just discovered the wonder that is YouTube’s sewing section. And even more worrying is that I have discovered the DIY Lolita section. And just spent the last 6 hours watching these videos almost non-stop. I am so fucked. (but I do know how to make a cute lolita dress and bows now. LOL ^.^)


Fat Quarter Baby Bonnet

I followed a tutorial to make a fat quarter baby bonnet and for once, I actually a. finished something, and b. it didn’t suck too badly. *grins* I used the wrong size of ribbon for the back, but I can easily take it out and redo it, so I’m going to, as soon as Fifi takes it off and lets me do it. This is one of the only times she’s kept things on her head without ripping them off 5 minutes later, so I count that as a bonus. She wouldn’t let me take a photo of her wearing it tho, so I’ll have to get one without later.

But still, first finished project done completely on the sewing machine. Yay! (I’ll edit when I have a photo to post hehehe)


Latest projects – photos.


Fifi’s bunny pillow. She likes it a lot (dragging it everywhere today) so I will just leave it how it is. The arms and legs are little tags so she can carry it with her fingers or do whatever. (she seems to like chewing on them, but I wouldn’t recommend it with this fabric LOL)


Her ‘cloud’. (LOL) It was supposed to be a flower, but as you can see… *shrugs ruefully* I has no flower cutting skillz. ;D


Her bag, open. I made this entirely by hand and it was a pain in the ass. So glad to have a working sewing machine now…

Sorry, I don’t seem to have a photo of my owl bag, even tho I’m sure I took one. I’ll do it soon…

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What’s new?

We went into the city today (hubby’s day off) and went to the dealership for the sewing machine foot pedal. But… the replacement was just a bit too much for me right now. I’ll take the old one in and see what they can do when I have some time. Just not right now.

But in light of that, we went to Auchan and I got a brand spankin’ new (tho basic) sewing machine. It was a bit of a pain to thread the bobbin, but everything else was pretty straightforward. I am having a problem with the top threads snapping every time I finish something, but I’m sure I will work it out. So far I have 2 legs completed of my project (a bunny tag pillow for Fifi), but that’s an accomplishment for me. LOL (hey, I’m easy to please when it comes to this sort of thing, as a n00b.) Now I just gotta do the rest of it.

And remember to put the legs/arms/ears on the right way around this time before I sew everything up. *sighs*

Thank goodness for coffee spoons. (at least I think that’s what it is? I don’t drink the stuff, so idek… I had to use it to turn the legs right side out…) Now back to my project, I guess. Will post pics (possibly tomorrow) as soon as it’s done. (along with my fail of an owl bag)

ETA: It’s done. Took a bit of doing to figure everything out, but it’s done. 😀 And it doesn’t look too bad, either. It still needs a face, but that will come. Or not, depending on if Fifi wants it to have one. 😛


*sighs* So much for that idea…

The sewing machine works awesomely… except for the part where the foot pedal shorted out and smelled up my room with the scent of burning plastic. *sighs* So I have to get a new one or something. Just where am I going to find a presser foot for a sewing machine from 1979? And one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. *bangs head on table* I was almost done my owl bag too. (It shorted while doing the corners…)

It’s a mess anyway. That’s what happens when I don’t know what I’m doing, but I tried… At least that’s what counts, right? It does mean all my sewing projects will have to go on the back burner yet again. *sadface* 😥

(not the presser foot *facepalms* the foot pedal. I really should just go to bed, shouldn’t I? orz)


So essited…. *squeals*

Hubby finally cleaned up the sewing machine I’ve sort of… ‘acquired’, and I was able to distract Fifi with a movie (Despicable Me is the bestest birthday present Gareth ever got me LOL) so I could slip into my room and have a go on it. It. Is. AWESOME! *squeals with excitement*

I’m not the greatest at sewing. In fact, I can’t really sew at all, unless you count straight lines that aren’t really straight. >.> BUT. This machine not only doesn’t try to eat me (like my little monster machine does), but it actually does what it’s supposed to. Straight lines that don’t go all wonky. Or well, not too wonky LOL. I made a little pocket (for lack of better explanation/word) to try it out and it’s absolutely brilliant. Ok so I need a bit of help when it comes to sewing 2 different types of fabrics together, but still… I can do this. *so pumped* No more sewing the legs of sweat pants together like I did in home ec all those years ago. 😀

Now I just need to figure out how to ‘backspace’ (is there a term for this?) on it, and I’m set.

(Last night I sort of inadvertently made a really nice perfume while trying to make a room spray for my room. LOL I need to get a grip on this stuff…)