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Fin de l’année/End of the year

My New Year’s survival kit:

2 boxes of Oreo cookies (one choco, one regular)

1 packet digestive biscuits

1 packet of chips (plain cuz I’m boring like that LOL)

half a box of KSF jasmine tea. (would have had more but Fifi keeps drinking them on me. *grumbles*)


What I’m doing this New Year’s? Not sleeping, for a change. I’m prolly going to work on editing what we have so far of HDv.5, edit the side stories to HDv.5, and maybe work on the plotbunny from Nu’est ‘Hello’ MV. (Seventeen’s meanie couple ftw…) If that still doesn’t get me thru New Year’s, I’ll go back to working on The Genesis Boy and see if I can get that back on track. (Don’t you just hate it when stories don’t do what they’re supposed to? LOL) I have several other things to edit and post, but… meh. (Sanctuary, Last Man Standing… amongst others…)

I also have a few other random things to do, but kind of putting them off. Not like I can do anything with them until Monday anyway, so… *shrugs*